1'' Quick Fit Combo ..Holder/Bit 100 Series

1'' Quick Fit Combo ..Holder/Bit 100 Series
Product Information
1'' Quick Fit Combo ..Holder/Bit

1 inch Quick Fit Holder and Bit

Easy to Use and Time Saving: No need to find and use keys or locking tools – no grinder freeze-ups – no frustration! Changing bits is simple and fast, even for individuals with reduced grip strength.
Durable and Corrosion Free: High-impact polymers extend the life of the Quick-Fit Bit holder and eliminates the possibility of corrosion.
Ultra-Smooth Grind: Engineered with an industrial elastomer, the Quick-Fit Bit holder absorbs grinding vibration and protects glass from fracturing or chipping.
Long-Lasting Grind: Layers of high-quality diamond particles give the Quick-Fit Bit a long-lasting, ever-sharp grind.
100% Utilization: The Quick-Fit Bit holder may be adjusted vertically on the grinder shaft, and may be reversed to utilize the full glass grinding surface.
Part Number:TG-QFBS1001
Cost: $20.50

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