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The heart of the Odyssey System is their fiberglass mold. It incorporates several novel features found in no other lamp system.
The 360 full form design permits assembly of the whole lamp shade at one time, rather than in small sections that must later be joined together. We firmly believe that this is the only sane way to assemble a lamp shade.
Fiberglass is the perfect material for a lamp form lightweight, dimensionally stable, impervious to acidic fluxes, unaffected by molten solder or even the full heat of a soldering iron, and it can be used over and over again.
Engraved pattern lines allow for fast and accurate placement of glass pieces. They are permanent and cannot be obliterated as with printed lines or paper overlays.
Inset ring and rim ledges insure that your shade will sit level on the base and have a straight lower edge a problem with any other system.

Kits contain one fiberglass mold, one each of Mylar and paper pattern sheets and an instruction manual.