5 in-Single Centered Hole Pot Melt Vessel

5 in-Single Centered Hole Pot Melt Vessel
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The Single Centered Hole Pot Melt from Big Glass Molds is the simplest of the all the pot melt vessels. A single hole in the center allows the glass to melt through and puddle out from the center. This creates some very interesting mixes of color as they push each other to the outer edges of your mold.

Pot Melts are a great way to create unique and interesting art from all your scrap glass. Each type of pot will create a unique pattern in the finished piece. Alternate how you arrange the glass in the pot to help control the design.
You can leave the finish melt as is or cut it up into strips or shapes to use as elements in another work of art. Experiment, and don't be afraid to have fun!