90 COE - 000120-0272 - Canary Yellow Opal--2 mm Stringer-Tube

90 COE - 000120-0272 - Canary Yellow Opal--2 mm Stringer-Tube
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Bullseye stringers truly expand your creative range. You can use them straight out of the tube or shape them with a flame. Offsets, accents, displacements, the possibilities are endless.
A vivid yellow that will brighten up anyone's day.
Keep in mind that striking glass matures to a much different color when fired. The final color will vary depending on temperature, atmosphere, and heat history. This allows a broad range of color to be obtained from a single sheet of glass.

The "B" represent glass that falls outside the normal target range for Bullseye Glass. Often called "Curious" glass, it is still compatible and can be used just like normal "F" glass.

Striker - Contains Sulfur, May React With Copper, Lead, Silver

Cold Characteristics
Color variations common from pastel to vibrant yellow.

Working Notes
Lighter coloration matures and becomes consistent to target upon firing. A sulfur glass. May react with lead and copper glasses to create dark interface (lead sulfide, copper sulfide).

This style is not suitable for kilncasting because it can become incompatible when held at high temperatures for an extended period. It may also become incompatible in instances where processes exceed the parameters of the test for compatibility. Testing recommended when heat work exceeds these parameters.

Photo above is an image of the glass, actual color may differ slightly.