96 COE - 6023-83CCSF-Aqua Lime- Pearl Opal

96 COE - 6023-83CCSF-Aqua Lime- Pearl Opal<br>Corsica
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A warm mix of teal and lime green with lots of varigation in the mix. A warm mix of greens for any application.

Corsica textured glass is a soft granite like texture that is still very easy to cut. The resulting pattern creates a soft refraction of the light as it passes through the glass.

Wispy and Streaky mixes are traditionally composed of one or more colors and opaque white glass. In the finished sheet, wisps of opal display as both surface variegation and internal shadowing, generating reflection and depth. The variance of translucency or opacity create totally different results with similar color mixes. The higher the opacity, the more obscure and more reflective the sheet. Additionally, the variation in each sheet allows for subtle shading in your work.
Photo above is an image of the glass, actual color may differ slightly.