96 COE - F7-402-96-IR-4-Ret-Aqua Blue-Extra Large Frit
Extra Large Frit
4 lb.

96 COE - F7-402-96-IR-4-Ret-Aqua Blue-Extra Large Frit<br>Iridescent<br>Extra Large Frit<br>4 lb.
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This is a retired frit style that will no longer be produced. Once these are gone, they are gone forever.
A thin layer of metallic crystal has been bonded to these glasses during sheet forming, creating a colorful, shimmering surface effect. The Iridescent coating is high-fire and will not burn off in the kiln.

Frit is one of the most versatile accessories for fused glass. You can sprinkle it on, cast it, mix it with a binder and paint with it, the options are endless.
Photo above is an image of the glass, actual color may differ slightly.