96 COE - Turquoise Green Transparent

96 COE - Turquoise Green Transparent<br>Luminescent
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Luminescent glass should not be confused with iridescent, they are two completely different finishes that should be treated differently

You can fire Luminescent Glass:
  • Coated side down onto a kiln wash dusted fiber shelf and the coating will intensify.
  • Coated side down onto a kiln washed shelf or shelf paper and it will still look intense but different.
  • Coated side up and the luminescent coating will stay on darker colors if you fire no higher than 1410 F, but will fade away on lighter colors giving the glass a beautiful sheen.
  • Cover the coated side with a piece of clear and the coating will fade away completely.
  • Photo above is an image of the glass, actual color may differ slightly.