Bead Insert 4.82mm
Electric Violet
100 Pack (Pandora)

Bead Insert 4.82mm<br>Electric Violet<br>100 Pack (Pandora)
Product Information
Bead Insert 4.82mm, Electric Violet, 100 Pack (Pandora)

The Electric Violet is an enamel paint polish.
The Electric Violet is an enamel paint polish.
This bead insert is designed for use with Pandora beads. Using either a 5/32" mandrel with a thick coating of bead release or a 3/16" mandrel with a normal coating of bead release will create the desired size of bead for these inserts. Ê
These can be installed on to a bead with the Bead Core Liner if the inside of the bead is slightly smaller than the insert. If the bead hole is slightly larger than insert, it can be glued in with a good glue for glass to metal contact.
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