From OMG to Holy Cow! with Rob - Intermediate

OMG to Holy Cow !
6 Week Course - $ 150.00

Intermediate fusing skills recommended.  Topics and schedule below calendar

Our 6 week class covers intermediate fusing techniques. During each session, you will learn a few techniques and sometimes practice it during the session. There will be time each session to work on a larger piece (or series of smaller pieces) to incorporate the techniques needed. Students are encouraged to bring ideas (paintings, photographs, or physical objects) for their course project to the first class for planning purposes.

Materials are not included, but students receive a 10% discount on glass and hand tools used during the class.  

Students will need to bring, or purchase: glass cutter, running pliers, flat jaw pliers, and safety glasses. Additional items may be needed based on the student project selected. You will need to bring or purchase compatible glass for the projects that we do in class. As noted, all materials needed can be purchased when needed at our shop. .

Course Schedule:
Week 1: Freeze-n-fuse, embossing, fossil vitra, student project discussions • Students make some freeze-n-fuse pieces with SWAG molds and powdered glass • Students make embossing or fossil vitra pieces • Project time

Week 2: Pattern bars, pot melts, vitrigraph • Classroom demonstrations • Prepare pattern bars for fusing and later use • Apply freeze-n-fuse pieces if desired • Project time

Week 3: Molds, molds, molds – m-board, silkemat, investment cast, clay, metal • Classroom demonstrations • Cut pattern bar from prior session if desired • Project time

Week 4: Negative space, etching, sandblasting, screen printing • Classroom demonstrations • Prepare a piece for later use • Use mold from prior week if desired • project time

Week 5: Woven glass, lampwork basics, drop vases and drapes • Classroom demonstrations • project time

Week 6: • project time