From Zero to OMG with Rob Fleischner - Beginner

Zero to OMG !
6 Week Course - $ 150.00

No Experience Necessary.  Topics and schedule below calendar

Our 6 week class covers the basics of fusing. We will be learning the basics of cutting, shaping, and placement of glass using hand held glass cutter, ring saws, band saws, grinders, etc. We will also cover the basic of assembly, use of powders, frits, confetti, stringers, iridescent and dichroic glass, as well as firing schedules for different types fusing and slumping. 

Students will choose from a variety of smaller projects and will produce at least one larger class project that incorporates the techniques needed. Students are encouraged to bring ideas (paintings, photographs, or physical objects) for the course project to the first class for planning purposes. 

Materials are not included, but students receive a 10% discount on glass and hand tools used during the class. Students will need to bring, or purchase, the following items: glass cutter, running pliers, flat jaw pliers, and safety glasses. Additional items may be needed based on the student project selected. You will need to bring or purchase compatible glass for the projects that we do in class. As noted, all materials needed can be purchased when needed at our shop.

If this course sold out, or not currently scheduled, no dates will be visible.  
Please send an email to: [email protected] if you wish to be placed on a wait list.
Thank You.

Course Schedule:
Week 1: Glass basics, Glass cutting. Basic overview of glass types, traps, tools, techniques, etc.
- Classroom demonstrations
   Will make a 4” x 4” square, and decorate with cut glass for full fuse (can be slumped in week 2). Classroom clear glass, Classroom’s color glass pieces
- Select/buy basic tools.
- Discuss assignment for week 2 - select "Zero to OMG!" projects for review/discussion

Week 2: dots, stringers, paints, equipment, strip cutter, Cutter’s Mate, and "Zero to OMG!" project review.
- Classroom demonstrations and fast firing
- Supported project time

Week 3: Frit, reactive glass, mica, confetti, and use of Ni-Chrome wire as hangers or decorative elements.
- Classroom demonstrations and fast firing
- Supported project time

Week 4: Bubble glass
- Bubble glass tile with student’s stringers
- Supported project time

Week 5: Glass drilling, kiln basics, frit casting, copper, thin-fire paper shapes technique
- Classroom demonstrations and fast firing
- Supported project time

Week 6:
- Supported project time