MO-RE Sray'n Fuse - 12 oz.

MO-RE Sray'n Fuse - 12 oz.
Product Information
MO-RE Sray'n Fuse - 12 oz.

The premier boron nitride mold release made especially for the fusing glass enthusiast and professional.
Each masterpiece can be easily removed from any mold cleanly without any post-fire work needed.
Radically Different
Glass is the most difficult application to release, that?s why Techniglass has formulated MO-RE specifically for the art glass industry. With a non-flammable solvent base, MO-RE produces an effortless release for a wide array of molds.
Reduce Prep Time
Application and cleanup are simple compared to brush-on primers; MO-RE sprays on quick and evenly with self-leveling capabilities. No exposed mold or mold sticking to glass piece.
Flawless Release
Eliminate post-fire work with MO-RE?s unique composition, allowing glass to move freely during the firing process. When boron nitride release spray is applied evenly, each mold will release clean with no spiked edges or film left on glass. No need to grind off rough edges!
Reduce Cost per Application
MO-RE can be used sparingly, due to its self-leveling component one will never need to worry of an uneven surface or bare mold. Only a light coating is necessary ? by reducing the amount applied to each mold, less mold release is used during the application process.
Part Number:MO-120
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