Phoenix Forms Flower. 6 Petals
**SW Art Glass EXCLUSIVE**

Phoenix Forms Flower. 6 Petals<br>**SW Art Glass EXCLUSIVE**
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This item is special order only. Forms are made to order and currently it is taking 1-2 weeks to receive them.
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Phoenix Forms were designed with the new and experienced vitrigraph artists in mind, developed and tested to allow you to create repeatable murrini and millefiori with a minimum of effort.
Forms are reusable since they are not fired in the vitrigraph kiln. Instead, they are used to place glass in their specific patterns inside your Vitri-Pot or flower pot and removed before heating your kiln.

Use Instructions: Place clear glass in your Vitrigraph Pot to give a level base. Put the Phoenix Form in the center of the Vitrigraph Pot and pack medium frit size clear glass around the outside so it is held in place. NOTE: If packing the inside details with fine frit, use fine frit to pack around the outside. Leave some of the Phoenix Form above the level of the glass so you can pull it out later. Then fill the inside details with medium frit of the colors you want. NOTE: if using fine frit in the details, pack outside the form with fine frit also.  Instead of frit, you can also fill the details with stringers or rods, but the goal is to have a dense packing of glass in the details. Once filled inside and outside, slowly lift the Phoenix Form out while gently tapping with a spoon. It helps to stop every 1/4 to 1/2 inch or so to tap and allow the glass exiting the Phoenix Form to fill the void below. Once the Phoenix Form is completely removed, add about a 1/2 inch more of clear glass to the top of the Vitrigraph Pot to help with final clean out.

Notes: You can certainly use colored glass around the Phoenix Form, but that color will be permanently adhered to the inside of the Vitrigraph Pot and my affect future color choices, but if clear is used around the Phoenix Form, and placed on top of the glass after the Phoenix Form has been removed, there will be almost no color left in the Vitrigraph Pot upon completion of the cycle. Also, if you allow all glass except for the small amount that coats the inside of the Vitrigraph Pot to come through the bottom of the Vitrigraph Pot, the Vitrigraph Pot will be reusable many times. Leaving glass in the Vitrigraph Pot subjects it to additional stresses and will lessen its life expectancy.

See technical information for recommended firing schedule once your pot is ready to go into your kiln