The Glass Canvas with Suzanne Head

March 2nd and 3rd, 2019  from 11 AM to 5 PM
Cost:  $ 275.00

Suzanne Head graduated with degrees in drawing and figurative painting, and is now translating her skills into a body of fused glass work. With a multi-faceted approach to material and technique, she has created ambitious bodies of work in pencil, paint, clay and glass. Her work with powders and enamels on glass is incredible. You can see more of her work at


People have been painting images on glass for centuries using traditional stained glass methods. However, studio glass artists are discovering new and exciting ways to explore glass as a surface for imagery. These techniques provide the artist with a level of luminosity, translucency and depth not achieved in any other medium. In this workshop, we will examine methods for painting and drawing on glass with the use of glass powder and enamel. We will consider both abstract, and representational approaches; formal drawing skills are not necessary. We will also discuss kiln programming, and the potential for imagery to be manipulated in the kiln, cold shop, and the hot shop.

Day One: Students will learn to cut sheet glass and make their own 5x5 tiles. They will then use powder and enamel to create imagery on those tiles, with the intention of layering them. I will load the kiln and fire after class.

Day two: Students will add any additional enamel to their tiles, such as background washes, before fusing them together. We will discuss firing schedules, and the students will learn how to prep and load the kiln, themselves. The students will stack and fuse their tiles together, creating a two layered, fused glass piece. They may pick them up the following day.