90 COE - 001226-0030-Lily Pad Green

90 COE - 001226-0030-Lily Pad Green
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Another in a long line of greens from Bullseye Glass. The range of greens allows for subtle variations in your work that can really look great.

Contains Copper, May React With Selenium, Sulfur.

Cold Characteristics
Consistent color

Working Notes
Compared to other copper-bearing styles of similar saturation, this glass has greater reactivity potential.

Note: The color of frit in this style will change when fired. In larger grain sizes, the result will resemble the hue of the sheet glass; smaller grain sizes will take on a blue-green hue. This difference is most noticeable in powder (-0008). This unique characteristic has been observed through a range of heat work, from tack fuse to full fuse firings.

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Photo above is an image of the glass, actual color may differ slightly.