90 COE - 002971-0030-Petrified Wood

90 COE - 002971-0030-Petrified Wood
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We have a hard time keeping this one on the shelves. Once you use it and see it fired, you will know why. This glass is amazing.

Striker, Contains Lead, Silver

Streaky Sheet Glass
Hand-rolled and controlled for mix consistency, with the unique patterning of true art glass. Nearly all are suitable for fusing or cold applications.

Working Notes
Each sheet contains a reactive combination that will continue to develop with heat work. Samples shown have been fired to a single full fuse of 1490F for :10. Fired characteristics may include areas of opacity, transparency, mottling, streakiness and polychromatic effects ranging from earth to jewel tones. Expect variation, which can occur within a single sheet & throughout production runs.

Constituent Glasses
Red Reactive Clear Transparent (001019), Proprietary mix

Photo above is an image of the glass, actual color may differ slightly.