96 COE - F1-132-96-8-Light Blue
Powder Frit
8.5 oz

96 COE - F1-132-96-8-Light Blue <br>Powder Frit<br>8.5 oz
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A nice, clean pale blue transparent. Works nicely for sky and water highlights in transparent panel designs.

Frit is one of the most versatile accessories for fused glass. You can sprinkle it on, cast it, mix it with a binder and paint with it, the options are endless.

Contains Medium Amounts of Copper, Contains-Copper, May react with sulfur bearing glasses.
Reaction occurs when certain glasses are fused next to each other, they can produce a chemical reaction in the areas where they melt together. This is caused when elements, or ions, in the two glasses actually mix with one another, changing the chemistry where they meet. The result of this chemical change shows as a thin line of color between the two glasses.

Photo above is an image of the glass, actual color may differ slightly.